Doing any kind of creative work means that it will be affected by your ideas.
If you are anything like me, you forget most of the ideas you get because you weren’t where you needed to be when you got them.

The notebook doesn’t only help with ideas but also tasks and errands, time and date of engagements, names, birthdays, phonenumbers…
My notebook has become an external harddrive for my brain’s volatile memory.

But of course it’s not enough to just write things down if you never look at them again. End the day (or start of the next one) go through what you wrote that day and transfer the information you need to other mediums. Put engagments on your calendar, to-dos on your tasklist and other things where they belong.

This way you never have to forget anything again. I don’t know how many hours I used to spend per month just trying to remember an idea I had or what I was going to do that day that I had promised someone. Now I’m good and organized like all the cool kids.

Get your brain upgrade today, start carrying a notebook.