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1. Don’t do it!

Do a mind-experiment. Imagine the system you would be prototyping as you want it in the final version of the game and “play around with it”. Is it fun? Is it useful? Is it pleasant to use?
If not, skip the prototype and the game system. To paraphrase Kyle Gabler, a participant in The Experimental Gameplay project: The prototype will never be more fun/useful then what you see in your head.

See if the game system exist in other games. Check for online flash games as well as the AAA blockbusters. It’s a lot faster and cheaper to buy a game than spend days on programming a prototype.

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Doing any kind of creative work means that it will be affected by your ideas.
If you are anything like me, you forget most of the ideas you get because you weren’t where you needed to be when you got them.

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Most of us have at some point had to work insanely long days and even had to pull all-nighters. Keeping alert or just awake for those long stretches can be a challenge. But the mistake most of us do is to jack up on coffee and sugar too early.  I’m going to go through the most common stimulants and how they are best used.


The king of stimulants. A lot of people drink coffee out of an intense addiction and need it just to wake up. My first advice is to break the addiction. It is a much more useful stimulant if you don’t drink copius amounts of it every day (aside from the health benefits).

It’s most useful effect is that it aside from being a mild stimulant, it reduces the amount of melatonin in the body, which is a sleep hormone. The effects of a single cup of coffee lasts for around 6 hours so don’t drink it late in the evening if you need to be at work the morning after.

Best usage: A cup or two in the late afternoon or early evening if you need to stay up late. More than two cups will have limited, if any effect.

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