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1. Don’t do it!

Do a mind-experiment. Imagine the system you would be prototyping as you want it in the final version of the game and “play around with it”. Is it fun? Is it useful? Is it pleasant to use?
If not, skip the prototype and the game system. To paraphrase Kyle Gabler, a participant in The Experimental Gameplay project: The prototype will never be more fun/useful then what you see in your head.

See if the game system exist in other games. Check for online flash games as well as the AAA blockbusters. It’s a lot faster and cheaper to buy a game than spend days on programming a prototype.

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  1. Read books on game design regularly
  2. Write regular blogs on game design
  3. Chat with other game designers
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The SIG is rolling.

We have a google group that has been quite active lately and now we have a blog as well.

We are still formalizing the structure and procedures and prioritizing the projects and initiatives that we will be starting off with.

Some things that have been discussed are: game design challenges, standard game design document templates, speakers bureau, conference tie-ins and of course the obuquitous discussion on whether game design is art.